Clothes for death

There is a tradition that is almost extinct, in Poland. People who pass away these days at the age of 70 and over, are the last ones who cultivate this tradition.

There was a tradition of preparing clothes for death. As one of my characters said: it is not proper to go in jeans to meet the Lord. This is why many old people prepare clothes for death before they die. Sometimes they sew, sometimes they believe that clothes must be brand new and they collect them with pietism. Others say that it must be comfortable and used, as the journey to Infinite is long. Some want it black, others full of colors. Everything has its meaning.

Underwear, stockings, skirts, blouses with long sleeves for women, suits and white shirts for men. Some want to do it the way they like. Some want to take several goods for “the last journey”, pictures of saints, prayer books, rosaries, etc. Everything they want to take has its meaning. Wife gives to her husband his favourite walking stick and accordion, men are rather less predictive but still deliberately.