Anna Bedyńska

She has a long period experience as a documentary photographer doing social projects as well
as working for the biggest Polish National Newspaper „Gazeta Wyborcza” and as a lecturer of a
Press Photography at the Warsaw University.

She won World Press Photo for her portrait ‘Zuzia’ in 2013, annual Prize for Cultural
Achievements of Polish Ministry of Culture, Picture of a Year in Grand Press Photo 2005 and
and 2017.

At her work she focuses attention on social changes in the contemporary society. Her projects
„Dad in Action”, „Clothes for Death” and „Go Home, Kids” were used as national social
campaigns for humanising death and childbirth. She has highlighted taboo and sensitive
subjects and paid particular reference to the role of women in the modern world. She turns her
camera toward those who has never been in the main stream, who live in the outskirts of social
or psychological life.

In 2014 she has moved to Moscow where she graduated from the School of Documentary Film
and Theatre of Marina Razbezkhina and Mikhail Ugarov. „In Another World” is her debut short
documentary concentrating on emotions and crucial decisions we undertake in life and their
lifelong consequences. Shooting the movie she paid a role of a director, cameraman and editor.
The movie had its World Premiere in Liepzig Film Festival in 2016, and it won the Best Student
Short Prize Documentary in Ekaterinburg Festival 2017.