Last meal…

Info Japanese live in the Circle of Fire and they often experience natural disasters. They are supposed to be ready for earthquakes anytime. This time, October 2019, the weather forecasts showed a big typhoon was going to hit Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba prefectures. The goods from shops were sold out, and empty shelves left over, within few hours. This is […]

Tokyo stories

Info There I was a wondering mind trying to map the place, connect with known, where everything contradicts what was known before. Seducing and frustrating at the same time Lost but intriguing Foreign but close Previous Next

Women miners - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Women miners

Info How space and clothes determine the way we are perceived? Here is a series of portraits of the hard working coal women miners photographer at work and styled by themselves at home.

White power - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

White power

Info Albinism is caused by recessive gene passed to the child by both parents. Everyone can possess the gene of albinism. It is 1 person in 20,000 who suffers from a type of albinism. Due to the lack of pigment, the body, hair and eyes are deprived of colour, and therefore albinos are very sensitive […]

Hold me tight - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Hold me tight

Info Life is cruel to those little ones, who from the very early age suffer horrible illnesses. For whom hospital become the second home. Though they often live in pain they are torn g, wise and stubborn. Often instead of being given, they themselves give a support to their parents.

Kids under the table - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Kids under the table

Info Giving birth and having a child often influences the jobs women undertake. Here are the ones who decided not to stay at home but continue working often having kids at work.