Down by law - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Down by law

Bliss and Glory - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Bliss and Glory

More Russians have fallen into official penury as the country's economic troubles cause the largest increase in poverty of President Vladimir Putin's 15-year rule. As Russian economic growth stalled, the number of Russians below the poverty line increased by 600,000 people to reach 16.1 million. The increase was the largest annual rise since 2000, and left 11.2 percent of the population in official poverty, according to Rosstat. Despite of a deep crises, the social elites enjoy life in the luxury and glory. The photographs were taken during the Moscow Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week 2016.

Teenagers' love - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Young lovers

When they have become man and women…..? When there is time that children become adult? Yesterday they were little, young, innocent and not independent and today they are self-reliant. When there is this time? When does it happen? What is the factor that determines their adolescence…When there is that day they lose the child’s innocence?Are we able to catch the moment? They behave as adults but still look like kids. The characters from the pictures are in the process to entering the „adults life” .

X-Y transition - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska


Sexual revolution seemed to be over, yet there is a new revolution within the topic. Transgender* people are coming on the floor. People who advocate that self identification as a woman or a man varies from the genetic sex. It is about people who despite the strong ostracism, intolerance, lack of knowledge and misunderstanding and many other problems are strong enough to fight for their proper identity. Sometimes it is a struggle against the communities their live in, sometimes against law, and above all it is a struggle against nature which has made a mistake.

Shop the kid - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Shop the kid

Info Consumption consumes the childhood. Kids are assisting their parents during the weekend shopping. Instead of playing with their pears they are from the very young age engaged in the process of consuming weather they like it or not. The process is complex and irreversible but for sure this is not the right place for […]

Matkopolko - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska


Info One day from the Polish-Mother- Artist- who is trying to fight with the ideal of Polish Mother. She is dressed up in the black dress characteristic for 19th century of a great national grief, whet the mith of The Polish Mother was constituted. Women at that time were moaning after the dead heroic fathers, […]