„In each creative activity such as literature, film or painting the most important is the character. The character, the main hero, who despite his/her will (if has such at all) undergoes a manipulation of the artist, creator. In such a situation the character himself becomes only an element, a sole item used by the creator to transmit his act of creation. He/ she looses his autonomy, and stops (using a terminology of Ferdinand de Saussure) being a signifier and becomes a signified element.

In the „Laski” project I wanted to make the opposite. To give the main characters the tool of creation. So that the characters become the authors at the same time. Moreover the act of creation was conducted here by the blind who cannot replicate themselves who have to and create an art which is out of their reach on the everyday basis.

This is the project where the photography is a by product of the creation process. The actors became the creators the signified is a signifier at the same time.

Project conducted in the House for the Blind Children, Laski, Poland