Spot The Dot

Life consists of points/moments. The points combined together, they form a linear whole, which makes a bigger sense. It’s like with a dot, which on one hand, is infinitesimal but when we add the concrete coordinates to it, then it gets defined, gets the shape and is accustomed, as a new space around us that we get to know better and better.

After my visit to Yayoi Kusama Museum I was left with afterimages – dots. They were everywhere. I find them in urban details and architecture, on clothes and goods. Not searching, they just come to my sight. It might be as minuscule  as a dot on a woman’s manicure and as big as big dots on one of Ginza buildings. On the one hand, I feel going insane with obsession, but on the other it keeps me sane in the overwhelming, foreign country and culture I live in.

There’s another layer to spot the dot project – awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. The dot being the suspicious mole on the skin. When prevention fails, catching skin cancer early is crucial and highly treatable. Taking note of changes on your skin is key.  Make sure you spot the dot!