X-Y transition - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska


Zuza, was born as Michael. He made a coming out at the Miss Transgender Beauty Contest where he won the Grand Prix. Since, than he is in the process of correcting the gender and struggling for normal life. Zuza has lost son, family, job and a house. Many friends has turned back to her. She has tried to commit suicide…Despite all that, she is striving for new body and life.

In another world

Kasia (40) has two teenage kids, is happily married and loved. She is a middle class women with a high education and a manager position at work. Her life is perfectly organized and is a stream of successes. One day her peacful and perfect life is destroyed by the shocking news. She is pregnant with a baby with down syndrome. This is a moment she must decide either to give birth to an ill child or have an abortion. Neither of the solutions is good for her. Each will result in a drama and trauma. The camera is with her for over 6 months documenting her state of mind and emotions. Up to the final scene of the film – the delivery. How emocions evaluate if they do so at all?

Love is in the air

This is a story about 38 years old woman who always wanted to build a family, to give birth to children, to love and be loved. She is well educated. Living in a big city. Having a good job. She is single. She decides to become a single mother by taking advantage of the bank of sperm donors. She is trying to make her dream come true.

Teenagers' love - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Young lovers

When they have become man and women…..? When there is time that children become adult? Yesterday they were little, young, innocent and not independent and today they are self-reliant. When there is this time? When does it happen? What is the factor that determines their adolescence…When there is that day they lose the child’s innocence?Are we able to catch the moment? They behave as adults but still look like kids. The characters from the pictures are in the process to entering the „adults life” .

X-Y transition - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska


Sexual revolution seemed to be over, yet there is a new revolution within the topic. Transgender* people are coming on the floor. People who advocate that self identification as a woman or a man varies from the genetic sex. It is about people who despite the strong ostracism, intolerance, lack of knowledge and misunderstanding and many other problems are strong enough to fight for their proper identity. Sometimes it is a struggle against the communities their live in, sometimes against law, and above all it is a struggle against nature which has made a mistake.

Shop the kid - Documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska

Shop the kid

Info Consumption consumes the childhood. Kids are assisting their parents during the weekend shopping. Instead of playing with their pears they are from the very young age engaged in the process of consuming weather they like it or not. The process is complex and irreversible but for sure this is not the right place for […]